Client: The Green Lantern Press
Published: March 16, 2018
Perfect bound, French fold, soft cover, 208 pages.
Full color, black and white, and duotone signatures.
Printed in China.

SHADOWED! documents and collects conversations, accounts, and thematic and material responses from elsetime, a solo exhibition by Ellen Rothenberg in 2015. This project examines the difficulty of artistic lineage exploring history’s dislocated presence. Central to Rothenberg’s artistic retcon is the image of her walking in the study of Bertolt Brecht. Rothenberg expands from there, refracting through significant figures like Stefan Brecht and Simone Forti, along with temporally specific locales like post-war Berlin, Woodstock, and downtown New York.

Contributors: Hannah B Higgins, Caroline Picard, Jeffery Skoller, and Shawn Michelle Smith. Featuring artists: Simone Forti, Mark Booth and Becky Grajeda, Alexandria Eregbu, Dao Nguyen, Tim Kinsella, Terri Kapsalis, and Anne Elizabeth Moore.