For Arts + Public Life, UChicago
Published: March 16, 2018

ECLIPSING: the politics of night, the politics of light exhibition catalogue marks the conclusion of the three-month festival and closing of a group exhibition at the Arts Incubator Gallery. With contributions by curator Amina Ross, exhibition co-curator Justin Chance, artists showcased in the exhibition challenge assumptions of darkness to explore conversations of power, landscape, language, space and visibility.

Featured artists: Jomo Cheatham, Gabrielle Civil, Danny Giles, Joelle Mercedes, A.J. McClenon, Patricia Nguyen, Participatory Music Coalition, Uhuruverse of FUPU, and Amma Whatt. 

Contributions by: Gabrielle Civil, Khadijah Kysia, Joelle Mercedes, Nikki Patin, Jade Perry, Amina Ross, Roell Schmidt, Uhuruverse of FUPU, Alia Walston, and Kaylee Wyant.

Photography by Ally Almore.