Release date: Friday, March 16, 2018

ECLIPSING: the politics of night, the politics of light exhibition catalogue marks the conclusion of the three-month festival and closing of a group exhibition at the Arts Incubator Gallery. With contributions by curator Amina Ross, exhibition co-curator Justin Chance, artists showcased in the exhibition challenge assumptions of darkness to explore conversations of power, landscape, language, space and visibility.

Featuring Jomo Cheatham, Gabrielle Civil, Danny Giles, Joelle Mercedes, A.J. McClenon, Patricia Nguyen, Participatory Music Coalition, Uhuruverse of FUPU, and Amma Whatt. Written contributions by: Gabrielle Civil, Khadijah Kysia, Joelle Mercedes, Nikki Patin, Jade Perry, Amina Ross, Roell Schmidt, Uhuruverse of FUPU, Alia Walston, and Kaylee Wyant. Photography: Ally Almore.