Becker Friedman Institute

Interactive exhibit for Saieh Hall of Economics, The University of Chicago
ROLE: Producer, for Neoteric Design
User Research, Content Strategy, Client Services, Project Management
OBJECTIVE: Tell the story about the roots and figures behind the Chicago School of Economics through an fun, educational, and engaging digital experience

User Research:
Drawing from a vast pool of stakeholders, academics, students, and university resources, our team collaborated intensively to learn the audience's needs, research the field of economics, gather interviews, and to discover cutting edge applications for museum interactive exhibits. 

Content Strategy & Development:
• Defined the scope and structure of the exhibit's narrative
• Convey the roots and historical figures of the Chicago School of Economics in an fun, educational, and engaging digital experience
• Implemented a multi-phased plan directing the scope of research and storywriting criteria for the university's editorial team, and set guidelines for asset acquisition and management.

Whiteboard sketches captured the early user research work. With defined narratives and content structure, we iterated on wireframes and visual mockups and low-fidelity sculptural mockups and 3D renderings. Solving for scale, architecture, and usability, each prototype allowed our team to gather feedback, test hypotheses, and debug early on. Continuous iteration led to high fidelity prototypes before launch.